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Complete Snorkel Sets for Rent

Best Set + Background.png

Fitted Mask, Dry Snorkel, Premium Fins

Beach Bum Classic

The Gold Standard in snorkel gear on St. John for over 10 years! Loved by THOUSANDS of snorkelers, the Classic set is surpassed only by Beach Bum's Best Snorkel Set!



Rezdy-Premium Traditional Set.png

Premium Scubapro Mask, Snorkel, and Fins

Beach Bum's Best

You wanted the best, we got you the best! Featuring premium Scubapro masks, snorkels, and Fins, Beach Bum's Best Set really is THE BEST snorkel gear on St. John!



Full Face Set + Background.png

Vista Vue Full Face Mask, GO! Fins

Full Face Set

Relax. Breathe normally. No, seriously...with this mask you CAN relax and breathe normally! Paired with our awesome fins, you'll be the envy of every beach bum!



RX Set.png

RX Mask, Premium Snorkel, GO! Fins

Prescription Set

Perhaps you didn't know, but you can enjoy the same corrected vision underwater as you do on terra firma!  So, come SEE what you've been missing!



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